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The Love Light & Inspiration team is growing into a Community of passionate, creative and motivated women from  Australia and increasingly around the world. They not only talk but more importantly they plan and make stuff happen too.

Each member of our team of contributors has their own successful business working from home. Their businesses come in all shapes and sizes, across a range of different niches and industries.

They are all women (some with partners, children or pets and some without) who are willing to share their own knowledge, experiences and vision with our Love Light Community.

With diverse backgrounds, skills and personalities – we have something for every one of our  readers!   Spiritual, Health, Wonderful Things

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Lorene Roberts

Love Light & Inspiration Co-Founder

My goal for Love Light is to help you be the Authentic you.

I’ll share ideas and information which will help you with your health and wellness which are essential for you to create the easy flow of money while working from home AND have plenty of time to spend enjoying your important relationships.

Not only will you find ideas and tips from my experience, but you will also hear from experts and other entepreneurs I’ve met along the way!

Lorene Roberts
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Roslyn Thompson

Love Light & Inspiration Co-Founder and Techy

Love Light is an easy to use  online presence designed to share and shine into the lives of Working at Home women.

Embracing a collaborative and Community approach I will help you find pathways to learnings that have previously been closed to you.

Join us ..

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