About Love Light & Inspiration 

The Love Light and Inspiration website had its humble beginnings with a group of passionate, creative, and motivated Australian women. During those pivotal Zoom meetings in the midst of the pandemic, they generously shared their wisdom, experiences, and vision with the amazing women seeking to make a positive impact on their lives.

As time moved on and life resumed its regular pace, these incredible women too embarked on new adventures, much like the ever-evolving nature of life itself. We all find moments when we must reinvent ourselves, and such a transformation is exactly what has occurred with this website. Gratitude fills my heart for the invaluable lessons of the past and the numerous individuals who have touched our lives, each offering unique insights and learnings.

I express my deep appreciation for the dedicated efforts these women invested in this website; their contributions have left an indelible mark.

While the original contributors have moved on to new endeavours, the website continues to stand as a testament to their collective wisdom and commitment. Although it may no longer be a collaborative platform, I remain devoted to enhancing it with more valuable information.

The Love Light and Inspiration website boasts an impressive collection of over 100 enlightening blogs, spanning a wide array of topics. These blogs serve as a fountain of knowledge for women, offering guidance on spiritual matters, health, mindset, and even practical skills like making almond milk and nurturing entrepreneurial ambitions. There truly is something for every woman to discover here.

Embrace this resource, and may it inspire your journey.

With gratitude,

Lorene Roberts.

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About The Founder: Lorene Roberts

Hi, I’m Lorene Roberts, a holistic counsellor with a swag of modalities in her tool kit including Root-Cause Therapy. I have a podcast WOW Love Light Inspire the Podcast and author of the book, Crazy Stupid Love, unlocking life’s lessons. I have 4 grandchildren, love genealogy, quantum physics and passionate about watching the Hawks win.

So you might say I’m a little different but that is ok to me, I am who I am and I love being real.

I’ve had my challenges in life, yes some have been hard, but I am so grateful for them all as they have made me who I am now, and as I was an emotional and sexual abuse survivor, I certainly understand narcissism because I have lived it. All this history lead me to study, which I will never stop doing as it keeps me growing and learning new ideas (which I can share with my clients), so for the past 15 years I have studied from the best to find out why things happen and how to change them.

Now my passion is for helping people work through their own trauma, fears, stress, depression and issues. For the past few years I have been helping people who are struggling to thrive in life, helping them bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Because we are not all the same, each of us needs different ways of getting through our problems, so having so many different tools in my belt is great, and to be able to use the different modalities I have learnt makes sense, especially for the different situations that arise with each individual.

I understand the importance of empowering people, learning the lessons from the past so they can change their mindset and build self-belief, confidence so they can go on and live amazing lives.

Lorene Roberts

My Mentoring Services

Today, I’m passionate about helping people transform their lives, reconnect with their true selves, and overcome stress, worry, and trauma through three key tools: Holistic Counselling, Root-Cause Therapy (RCT) and meditation.

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Holistic counselling

My holistic counselling approach is rooted in the belief that your experiences, meanings, and understandings should take centre stage in our conversations. There’s no analyse, diagnose, or judgment here; instead, it’s about your unique journey and your words and experiences guide you towards your personal growth and empowerment.

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Root-Cause Therapy

Root-Cause Therapy is a transformative modality that delves deep into the core issues causing emotional and psychological distress. It addresses the root causes of problems rather than just managing symptoms. This powerful approach empowers individuals to confront and resolve the underlying issues, leading to lasting and profound change.

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Meditation Classes

Meditation is a universal tool for enhancing mental and emotional health. It reduces stress, controls anxiety, promotes emotional well-being, and enhances self-awareness. I use meditation to help you calm your mind, reduce stress, and foster a deeper self-awareness. 


I truly believe that by dealing with the past I can help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

My services are guided by the following principles:

  • Life’s journey is filled with highs and lows.
  • People make sense of their life through the stories they tell about their own experiences.
  • We all have multiple life narratives, whether we take them on is our own choice, just we often don’t realise this.
  • Problems can dominate our thoughts and emotions, overwhelming us, disconnecting us from any or other positive possibilities.
  • People act based on the stories they create about themselves and what they tell others.
  • Problems are not the individuals; problems are external challenges.
  • Even significant problems do not have to define us.

As a therapist, my goal is to empower you to face challenges, rediscover your inner peace, find your unique strengths and reignite your zest for life.

Your life, your rules.

Ready to Level Up Your Life?

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth? Then my 15-minute discovery meeting is the perfect starting point.

During this complimentary session, we'll briefly explore your goals, challenges, and what you hope to achieve through our work together. It's a chance for you to get to know me, Lorene Roberts, and understand how my approach can benefit you.