Root Cause Therapy

Unlocking the Power of Root-Cause Therapy

Root-Cause Therapy (RCT): What is it and How Does it Work?

In Root-Cause Therapy, we embark on a journey that needs no preconceived notions. We create a pathway for the conscious mind and body to access and re-evaluate experiences, whether they dwell in the past or loom as negative projections into the future.
Root-Cause Therapy (RCT) is a trauma healing method that harnesses the potential of regression and progression practices. These practices enable the completion of unprocessed emotions, setting them free them from the clutches of unwanted thoughts, behaviours, and symptoms.

It’s a potent style of therapy that engages directly with the subconscious mind, delving deep to uncover the root of problems and issues that trouble us. Through advanced testing, we pinpoint the actual root cause, which may manifest itself as negative thoughts, actions, or choices. I guide you to access the self-healing mechanisms of their subconscious mind within a nurturing and secure space.

Every individual is unique, and every session reflects this individuality. We tailor each session to the person’s specific needs, working to unearth their unique beliefs or identify the problem at hand. We focus on healing outdated belief systems by releasing trapped emotions that were unable to be processed at the time the beliefs were formed or by addressing the root cause of the problem. Using a form of time-line therapy, we offer a fresh perspective or new learning on the events that triggered these belief patterns in your life that may still be presently affecting you today.

Root-Cause Therapy, or RCT, allows you to release negative emotions, heal traumas, accept the past and gain a clearer perspective and new understanding of past events. RCT is your path to addressing the root causes of past events in your life, facilitating healing from lingering pain that may still affect your present or your envisioned future.

With RCT, you’ll elevate your vibration from mere existence to thriving and empowerment. You’ll unlock unforeseen opportunities and craft a brighter future that you wholeheartedly believe in.

Lorene Roberts

Who Is Root-Cause Therapy For?

Root-Cause Therapy (RCT) is for anyone encountering challenges in life. If your body and mind struggle to adapt, thrive, and flourish due to disruptions, RCT can be your guiding light. Whether you battle anxiety, stress, depression, phobias, or seek to overcome fears, trauma, or change negative habits in your relationships, RCT is here to help.

Symptoms may manifest in various ways, and they might not always be apparent. They can include:

  • Physical Symptoms: Breathing difficulties, headaches, dizziness, digestion issues, neck and body tension.
  • Emotional Symptoms: Stress, Depression, Sadness, numbness, fear, anxiety, panic, overwhelm, anger, shame, phobias.
  • Psychological Symptoms: Dissociation, low self-confidence, negative self-talk, memory challenges, despair, self-blame or low self-worth.
  • Relational or Social Symptoms: Isolation, solitude, loneliness, conflicts with others, including sexual abuse, relationship problems.

Root-Cause Therapy offers a path to healing and transformation, unlocking your true potential. Opening up unimaginable potential opportunities, you will be able to create a brighter more fulfilling future and empowered life that you completely believe is feasible for you.

“Working with Lorene was an honour, she was very professional, non-judgemental, I felt safe and reassured through the process as she guided me through our sessions. We worked through early childhood situations and healed as we went. I would wholeheartedly recommend RCT to others.”

– Karen May

Ready to Level Up Your Life?

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