Can you own the truth of you?

Do you own the truth of you? Who are you really?   Do you even know who you are?    It‘s hard to be vulnerable and show the world who you really are, to let the Jeanie out of the bottle and be seen in the raw honest truth of who you are.  Proudly show off the real you  to the world, for everyone to see and everyone to criticize too. You can own the truth of you.

It is really easy to see our own faults and what we aren’t good at, these things seems to stand out like pimples on our nose, but looking past our faults to find what we are good at can be a lot more challenging, but by owning these traits we can build our own self confidence and self esteem, so it is really important to acknowledge all the good points about who we truly are.

Pathway to own the truth of you

I’ve just done a 3 day intensive course with my guru Rachael Jane Groover and one of the most challenging exercises we did was to stand in front of others and declare a quality I saw in the most amazing women I know and own it as my own.

I chose Oprah Winfrey, Rachael Jane and Maya Angelo as my three inspirational women.  In my eyes each of these women are strong, confident amazing women, they are all full of wisdom and they encourage other women to be their best, they are inspirational leaders to all other women and I admire them immensely for being who they are, their honesty and being true to themselves.

You opinions about me does not change who I am.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!


“We at Apple had forgotten who we were. One way to remember who you are is to remember who your heroes are.”
― Steve Jobs


Declaring the truth of you

I truly would love to be an inspirational leader, to know that I had helped by imparting my wisdom, inspiring other women to choose to be empowered, to choose to be and see their best and choose to improve their own lives by increasing their own self—worth and seeing how amazing they truly are, would be such a wonderful feeling for me.   So by me being vulnerable enough to declare that “I am an inspirational leader” was a huge challenge and one of the most exhaustive exercise I’ve done in a while.

Fear of owning the truth of you

What holds me back in my life is the fear of other peoples opinions.  I am scared others will judge me and think that I am not good enough, so this holds me back from putting myself out there, so declaring that I am an inspirational leader is such a huge step in vulnerability and I will confess it is easier for me to write this for you to read rather than standing on a stage and declaring this out loud for the world to hear.

Owning, sharing and empowering the Truth of You

Owning that I am a leader of women seems so far from the truth because in my eyes I am just me, nothing special, just me living my life in the best possible way possible.  Yet to those who read this and other blogs I have written, I truly hope you are getting my wisdom and I am inspiring you to think outside the square, grow a little, have better self-worth, play a bigger game in life and therefore be better women because of the growth and expansion which is happening inside of you, which means I am a leader of women.

As humbling as it is to me, that I could make a difference in others lives, it is also true that I am a leader, of who (other than my girls) I lead, I have no idea, but that doesn’t matter.  No not at all.   What matters most is that I keep sharing with you, to get you to think, to teach you and others, empowering all women to find themselves, be their true selves and be proud of who they truly are.

Uncovering the Truth of Youown the truth of you

So what is the truth of who you are?

If you don’t know who you are, or you are scared to look inside and see who you are, you can’t live your truth and live at your full potential.  What this potential is will be different for everyone.  The journey to get to the truth of us, will also be extremely different for all of us too.  Some will find it challenging, others confronting, others won’t believe what they see so acceptance will be their biggest challenge.  The reward for doing the work will be immense, so please persist, it will be worth every minute.

Questions to Own the Truth of You

If you are new to personal development and spirituality, I advise you to find a great coach who can guide and work with you through each area of your life.  They will ask you a series of questions :

  1. Do you know what your values are?
  2. What are your needs and what needs are most important to you to be met?
  3. Where have you got your beliefs from and how many of them are not yours but inherited from your parents, grandparents and ancestors.
  4. What rules do you live by in your life?
  5. What holds you back in life the most?
  6. What qualities do you desire most?
  7. Who do you want to be?

Instructions for Owning the Truth of You

Once you know these things you then have choice to choose how and who you want to be.  A good coach will have a series of exercises to help you work through each question to find the answers.

If you would like to do the exercise I did, great, I promise you it will challenge you, but keep going, it will be worth all the time and effort.  Here is a list of the instructions.


  1. Make a list of the most inspiring women or people that you know, this list will be different for everyone and could contain names of your mother, sisters, neighbours or any person you know, it doesn’t have to be well known people like mine did, (I dream big).   Put them in order so you find the top 3 people that you admire.
  2. Under each of these people write a comprehensive list of the qualities you see in each of these people.
  3. You will probably see a few words that are the same on each of these lists, or a theme going through them. Write these words on a separate list and assess if you can see these qualities in you.  One word in particular will probably challenge you, it will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and you will have a reaction to the thought that you are this particular quality.  This is the reaction I had when I read the word “leader”, it is the type of reaction we are looking for as this will be the word that describes you that you are probably hiding from.  You have found your word.
  4. Sit with that word for a while and own it because it is who you are.
  5. This is where you will need to ask your coach, best friend or someone who is really supportive of you to help you. Now the challenge begins, for the next 10-15 minutes I want you to look into your support persons eyes and say just one thing.

“I am …………….” (what ever your word is)

Your support person or coach will answer “thank you …….. I would love to hear that again”.  It is really important that they don’t say anything else, or try to coach you in any way.

You will reply “I am …………….”

And they will respond “thank you …….. I would love to hear that again”

Continue this until you and her feel the change in your beliefs, it might take 10 or 20 or anywhere up to 30 minutes, but your voice, your attitude and your beliefs will change and you will believe that you possess these qualities.


So who are you?   Please share what you have discovered about you in the comments below and let the world know who you really are.

I’m Lorene Roberts, a Holistic Counselor, Root Cause Therapist, trauma-informed advocate, and transformation mentor. As the author of “Crazy Stupid Love,” I’m passionate about helping individuals overcome trauma and rediscover themselves. Drawing from my personal experiences with trauma and abuse, I’ve gained a deep understanding of their profound impact on our bodies and minds.

Through extensive studies, I’ve acquired valuable tools and insights that can help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Together, we can confront the past, harness the right tools, and cultivate the mindset and support needed for success in life. Join me on a journey of healing, self-discovery, and positive change.


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