How to Make a Choice and Change your life.

I seem to be always talking about choice. To me, the choice is the key to everything.  It is the basic denominator that makes us all different. It is the choice that makes the rich, rich and the poor, poor. It is also a choice that makes the tidy person tidy, and the messy person, messy. We all have it, in one form or another, in our daily lives. Many of us go through life without giving it much thought, we barely notice and yet it is choice what makes an enormous difference in all our lives.

What sort of choice do we have?

We have choice in everything from what we think and feel to what we do.  Some even believe that we have choice in the parents and family we choose. Whether you believe this or not, you can’t deny that we all have choice in our thoughts, attitudes and behaviour. These are the things that shape our lives. Even our lack of choice is a choice.  By refusing to choose we have already chosen not to choose or change.  We may let others choose for us and we can choose to be either happy or unhappy about this, but that is our choice.  By not choosing we have also chosen not to do something willingly, with gusto and enthusiasm and all of these attitudes are also a choice which affects the outcomes. Every choice or non-choice has an effect on our life. It alters the destiny of where we are going or not going. It affects everything, absolutely everything.

Can we use Choice to Change our Life?

So how do we change our life?  We have to choose to change and we have to do it with enthusiasm.  If we embrace our choices and really believe that we have choice we choose to really change how our life was. If you truly want change, you can not choose procrastination, you can not choose to be wishy washy with your decisions.

Choice can be uncomfortable

Change is sometimes not very comfortable. In fact it can generate some real physical or emotional discomfort or even pain. You can not choose to feel the pain of being uncomfortable in a new situation or when things aren’t going your normal way or may be difficult. To live a magnificent life you must choose to go through discomfort in order to progress, but if you don’t choose to embrace this you are choosing to do the same as you have done before, so change will never happen.  If you keep doing what you’ve always done, guess what, the results will always be the same.

The Chocolate Brownie Path!

Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Brownie

Lets look at this in a simple way. Lets say you are craving chocolate brownie, no matter what, you want a chocolate brownie. You open your pantry, and launch into a cooking session. If you only use the ingredients for vanilla cake and cook that in a brownie tin, you will not get the brownie you wanted.  Yes you chose to make a chocolate brownie, but you didn’t choose to use the ingredients or take the steps to make the brownie. you either procrastinated about going to the shops to buy the correct ingredients or were vague about following the recipe. You decided to take a different direction, you didn’t choose to be focused. You didn’t make sure that what you wanted is what you were going to get. Guess what? Vanilla cake! Not chocolate brownie.

Getting help with your Choices

The times during my life where I have made the biggest impact in changing my life have been when I was working with a coach.  There have been different coaches at different stages. They have all been amazing, for different reasons.  They have all given me exactly what I needed at the time, as I have grown, my needs have changed so my own personal coach has changed and grown with me.  They certainly have skyrocketed my results, but this is because I have chosen to listen and make the changes. I choose to be coachable and do the work.  I want the results no matter what the uncomfortable pain is, the results are worth it for me.

Added benefits of making a choice

The satisfaction you get from achieving and succeeding at something is incredible and it doesn’t matter how big or small it may seem to others.  Lets say your office is a mess, you have the choice of living in unorganized chaos and wasting time looking for things, you feel you spend all day chasing your tail, you know the story.  OR You could choose to clean it up, free your mind of the clutter, save yourself time and be more productive.  The choice is yours, and the satisfaction you will feel will amaze you when things look great, happen faster and with so much less stress.

What will you choose to do?

Will you choose to be rich or poor, messy or tidy? Will you approach your day with enthusiasm or procrastination? Are you happy to have Vanilla Cake or would you really prefer a Chocolate Brownie? Consider getting some help from others, perhaps a friend, mentor, or coach. Think of the potential satisfaction as you achieve and succeed in your changing life.

Each day always starts with a choice, what side of the bed are you going to get out of?

Remember you choose that too.

– Lorene Roberts


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