Re-Invent your life with a Life Coach

People ask me what I do. Some people get it. Others feel a little confused as to what a mentor/coach does. I will demystifying the subject for you.

Common questions in life

Are you lost in life?  Don’t know where you are headed?  Or have no idea how you are going to change your circumstances?  Is life hard and you don’t know how to change that?  Don’t know who you are?  Is something holding you back and you have no idea what it is?  Do you say you will do something and never do what you say?  Is procrastination a problem for you? The list goes on.. Some people know the questions, but can’t find answers. Others can’t even work out the questions.

What is a Life Coach?

Mentoring or Life Coaches can help you with all these problems, they are professionals who help you realise and reach a goal or make a change or a series of changes in your life. They help you shift from where you are in your life now, to where you want to be in the future so you are living the life of your dreams.

Because you are working with someone one on one, provided you take all the necessary steps, your results will be hugely accelerated, you will be more focused on your goals and not likely to deviate from the direction, you will become action orientated, have a plan of attack and support through the whole change and any new challenges you may come up against. A good coach will also hold you accountable for doing what you say you will do, to get the results you want.


Why work with a mentor/coach?motivational words written in sand

Your self esteem will improve and your sense of pride will grow as you watch yourself succeed in obtaining your goals one by one and ultimately your desired life.

There are many reasons to seek assistance from a life coach apart from the obvious which is the fastest and easiest way to Re-Invent your life, your career or your business, its also the cheapest, because you don’t waste money procrastinating, doing unnecessary things besides you probably start working on your finances earlier than you would have previously. Here are some more reasons to work with a life coach:

To improve effectiveness professionally and personally in all areas of your life

  • To set and achieve career or personal goals and to be made accountable for action you have taken or not taken
  • To increase overall productivity and reduce time taken to reach your goals

  • To achieve balance in all areas of your life

  • To learn to trust and know yourself, living with more meaning and purpose

  • To receive honest, objective, and constructive feedback for your best interest

  • To dispel inaccurate beliefs, and remove barriers that are holding you back from your own success

  • To identify and maximize your strengths and minimise your weaknesses


Before entering into a life coaching relationship, make sure you’re ready to invest yourself in the process. Be open and have the mindset that you have chosen the fastest way to reach specific goals that you have most likely had difficulty achieving on your own.

Choosing a Life Coach

When selecting a life coach, ask yourself what you are looking for, what is it you want to get out of the time (and money) you spend with this person?  Make sure you get a good sense as to whether or not the practitioner has their own act together. Receiving coaching from someone who is struggling with the same issues you are is counterproductive. Make sure your coach has a coach that she works with too.
If you are enjoying living in the pity pit or the attention from ‘poor me’ and you’re looking to commiserate, seek out a friend in a similar position and save your money. 
If you are serious about learning how to overcome obstacles, achieve your goals, and understand yourself better, then find a practitioner with expertise in the areas you are seeking to improve. For example, if you are looking to improve your effectiveness in your career/professional life, find a practitioner with business experience who has dealt with career development/transition and who understands the corporate/office environment.

Credentials of a Life Coach

Find out what credentials the coach  of a has. Sometimes that official piece of paper only gives them paper knowledge, when practical life skills can be worth so much more, so don’t get caught up with qualifications.  Learn about their background and what brought them to coaching, their passion about helping others is a big tick, also have they done what you want to do, have they had a successful business before, or reinvented their own life. Ask the methods they will use with you to help you achieve your goals. It needs to be flexible so it can be altered to need your needs as they change, and not rigid.

When you appoint a coach remember, you still do the work, so establish your goals together then often you plan the steps and what has to happen together, and work toward them. Agree and define a measure of success so that you will both know when the goal has been reached.

Energy and Beliefs

Read articles written by the practitioner and see if their writing resonates with you. Is the language used in a way that you can relate to? Do you prefer someone who refers to emotions as the “heart space” or do you prefer a more pragmatic approach in learning about the energies and beliefs that impact emotionally?  Are you looking for someone who is aligned with angels, fairies, gods, goddesses, biblical teachings, ritual, or psychic development? Alignment with your core personal philosophy can help move your lessons forward much faster. This is not to say that having a teacher with an alternate viewpoint is a bad thing, you can always learn something from that person too.

The choice of a mentor, coach, practitioner, or teacher is a very personal one. It’s important that you go into the selection process with awareness of what your needs are, and how various practitioners may or may not be able to assist you.The benefits of working with a Life Coach can affect many different aspects of your life. So whether you have many questions seeking answers or whether you seek assistance with finding out the questions, a Life Coach can help you Re-Invent your life

-Lorene Roberts


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