Signposts to re-start your dream

Do you remember as a child seeing a toy you wanted? But it never happened. Do you recall a boy who never looked your way, when you were a teenager? What about that job that you were not offered? What silent dreams do you have now? Or have you stopped dreaming?

Ask for what you want.

Some of us have been taught as kids, that to ask for what you want is selfish, but when you think about it logically how would anyone know what to give you or what you liked if you didn’t tell anyone.  Maybe someone said “no”. That’s ok, because guess what, you can ask again. How can you get what you want if you don’t speak up?  Keeping silent or lacking direction about what you want, allows life just to take you on its journey.  Imagine taking a road trip with no map or GPS, no one would know. Let it be known and the world will know what you want in life.

Some people may struggle asking, so start by make a list of everything you love, go through all the different categories so you can maximize your list, then ask yourself if you want more of it.

  • Holidays,
  • Toys,
  • Emotional needs
  • Personal needs

Include everything you desire, write it in full detail, make sure you include colour, model and all the details, otherwise you will end up with a green 20 year old Mercedes rather than the new sleek black one you really want.  So make sure you ask for exactly what you want, a dream with a little  detail is a good dream, a dreams with lots of detail is a great dream. Don’t assume anything because life doesn’t understand assumptions.

Rank your list in order of how much you want them with the most important at the top.

Give yourself a sneak preview. Let your emotions feel the gratitude for having all the things on the list. It is good to dream.

My Dream RoadmapMonitor your thoughts

Make sure you monitor all of your thoughts, some of the beliefs we have that hold us back in life are tucked up in the subconscious and they produce the negative thoughts that we honestly and unquestionably believe are so real and true, without any shadow of doubt, when in reality these beliefs may certainly be so far from the real truth, but the damage comes because they could be stopping you achieving your dreams.

Disregard everything that the little voice in your head says.  Its job is to keep you safe, but it will/may limit your life and keep you from failing by never starting anything.  It does this by telling you things like “you can’t ……” or “you shouldn’t …..” or “what would others think if ……..” or “I’m not good enough to …….” Or “I’m not clever enough to ……..”

If the little voice tells you its your friend, its not, it will guide you the wrong way.  It will keep you trapped and stop you achieving.  This voice will run your life on autopilot.

Our ego believes that we can protect ourselves from failing at something, by concentrating on the negative, this will mean the positive won’t happen, so we can’t fail.  Change challenges our ego, so by concentrating on negativity no change for the better will/can take place.  If you say you can’t, your right, and if you say you can, your also right, the choice is up to you whether you can or can’t do things.

All productivity and success can’t happen with negativity in your life.  Negativity in one area of your life can grow and spread to every other parts of your life, stopping you succeeding in all these areas.  Have you heard people say “Bad luck always follows me” or “sh** always happens” or “why do things always happen to me”?  This is because they have created their reality by believing these things are so.  Because they believe it, it is so.

If you don’t have the life that you tentatively dream of it maybe because you are allowing negativity and this little voice to dictate what you are allowing to enter your life or where you are going.  Negativity is not present in a successful person.

Learn to trust your emotions and intuition again and you really can make dreams happen.

Regret does not nurture Dreams

Regret and bitterness is a pattern of destruction, it holds no benefit for you so let it all go.  Why go to places in the past that do not add any benefits to the now.  Your ego and the little voice is holding you to the past by keeping the memories alive, stopping change to happen so you are stuck in the past and can’t move into the future.

Accept what is.  Accept what was.  Acknowledge it, thank it for happening as you wouldn’t be who you are today without all these experiences.  Don’t carry any baggage from the past. You don’t need it on your next voyage


Forgiveness lets go of any past resentment, it stops keeping you stuck and in a place or moment that no longer helps you.  Forgiveness releases any past hurts, any illness and diss-ease.  Letting go of the past lets you accept the good to enter the situation.  There are always learning opportunities from the past that will not be recognized unless you let go of the past hurts, resentments and anger towards people.

All resentment and anger towards others holds you back, it keeps you in the past, by not letting you move forward to the life you desire.

  • You can not be happy if you resent happy people.
  • You can not be rich if you resent rich people.
  • You can not be fulfilled if you resent successful people.

These people teach us what we want, how to get it, and what it looks like.  Be grateful to them.

Surrender to the negative emotions, this does not mean don’t take action to things, it just means you let go of the toxic reactions that affect your life and body.

Rest and Gratitude

You have revisited or even rediscovered what you truly want, you believe that you are getting it and you have taken some action towards acquiring it. Now is a good time to put some energy into some thoughts and feelings about gratitude, being grateful for what is present in your life.  Your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between what you already have or what you are dreaming about, if the dream is vivid and real it will believe it is really happening.

Take a little time to listen to your emerging voice – it may be your intuition. You have added some words to your subconscious mind. You are building the dream of what you want and reinforced the message by merely feeling grateful for the dream.

Write a list of all the best times of your life.  Include every thing and body you love.  Spend 15 minutes everyday reading this list and picturing the events, going deeply into the memory, what happened, how you were feeling and all the emotions that went with the joy of having these things.

Take ActionFlag saying MY DREAM

Nothing will ever change unless you believe it can and you take some sort of action, so make a plan and be prepared to act to get what you want.  Universal energy rewards those that take action.

What are the steps you need to take to make this thing happen?  Write all the different steps and things you need to do to achieve your goals down on pieces of paper, arranging them in priority order of what you need to do first, second, third etc.  If you write your action steps in your diary on the dates you will do certain things this is the best way to guarantee change is going to happen.


Pick up your roadmap and get moving. You might not be able to see the road clearly, but the signposts are there to guide you. You have rediscovered your dream and you are on your way to take action. Along the way forgiveness and gratitude will play their part. What is your dream?

Lorene Roberts has been involved in Working at Home Businesses since her children were young and living in Regional Australia. Now living in Melbourne she operates a Business in Construction while encouraging, mentoring and coaching other women to fulfill their dreams


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