Start making a bucket list, now!

A bucket list is something most of us have thought about making, but during these times of lock down, probably a really important thing to do at the moment as it will give us purpose for our future and something to look forward to. Because of the times we are living in, we are probably going to have times of restriction for a while and we don’t know when we will be back to living “normally”, so I propose that we make three bucket lists, a short, medium and long term bucket list of our goals.  You could also have bucket lists for business, family, summer or your teenagers, break your list down and divide them up into different categories if that helps you achieve them. A bucket list can work like an accountability list of all the things you want to do, achieve or accomplish in a specific time period or stage of our life or before we die or “kick the bucket”.

Bucket list terminology

  • long term bucket list

The long term bucket list will be the full comprehensive list that will take us through for the rest of our lives and takes all of the overseas adventures we want into consideration.  It may be all about the future and go into our retired years.  It will include all the dreams that we haven’t been able to fit into our lives for various reasons and will maximise your life experiences.

  • medium term bucket list

The second bucket list that incorporates all of our medium term goals and takes us through our own country for holidays.  It is about all the things we could fit into our life over the next five years.  It could be the “maybe we could do ….” List.

  • short term bucket list

The short term bucket list is a “now” type of list of the things we could do now, it is the easy and fun stuff to achieve.  We often don’t think of these things even when we do have free time, so it is really important to write them down so we can reference our list and doing these things gives us a sense of achievement. The short term bucket list is the list of things we can start working on immediately once we are let out of lock down.   This list can be the most fun to work through and it is the list that gives us direction and satisfaction in our daily lives.

Bucket List techniques

  • Where and how to Write your bucket list

You can buy notebooks with dividers in them, this is a great idea so you can divide your ideas into the appropriate categories. Let’s not forget the trusty spreadsheet for computer based people. Either method is valid, but dividing up into categories will help your clarity.  There is no point putting things like driving around Australia into the short term list, or attending a live show in the long term goal bucket list when you could do that in a few months. You can work on all three lists at the same time because there won’t be any order in the list you are making.  When you think of things you can open the book and put the suggestion on the list.  Don’t be afraid to cross things off if you change your mind about wanting to do them.

  • What to put on your bucket list.

It will take you a while to compile your list of dreams, life time goals and aspirations for your life and it is something you will be adding to for the rest of your life, which is why it is important to have a great book you can record all the dreams, adventures, places you want to visit or places where there is something you want to do will happen. Don’t be afraid to add the simple things in life that you want to do, books you want to read, movies you want to watch as well as places you want to go to.  Make some of the goals big and audacious, add in crazy and sensible things too, adding unrealistic things to the list can give you motivation to step outside the comfort zone and try something new.

  • Where to get Bucket List Inspiration

Television: Television travel shows can give you fantastic suggestions on what to put on your bucket list.  They describe areas that of interest to you and give you suggestions on what you can do there.  The local area TV shows also describe local areas, raising awareness of the tourist attractions we often don’t visit in our own cities, also great local restaurants and cafes that are good for our short term bucket list. I often watch Postcards, a Victorian based show that gives me suggestions on local cafes, little country towns, craft displays and exhibitions that I can visit and put on my short term bucket list which I then transfer into my diary to make sure it happens in my life.

Google hobbies and interests:  Google is a great source of information for places to visit, you can search all sorts of topics on interests you have, you might find great walks with fabulous lookouts, or incredible art galleries, specific museums on topics you are interested in that you won’t find in your local area. If you have a hobby you will often find exhibitions and classes on google that are all over the country that you can attend, so take the trip to the little country town and support a craftsman who can teach you a skill, often these classes aren’t as expensive as classes in the main cities too, so spend the money and stay the night at the same time.

Google Maps: Explore countries and regions using Google Maps to work out where you want to go and what you want to see.  You can work out agendas for trips and mark places you want to stop.

100 Love Light & Inspiration Bucket List ideasPlan your bucket list for summer

  1. Books you have wanted to read.
  2. Movies you have always wanted to watch
  3. TV series you were always going to watch
  4. Cafés and restaurants you always wanted to go to
  5. Bike rides you have always wanted to do.
  6. Run a marathon or do a fun run
  7. Join a yoga class, Pilates class or some other type of exercise class
  8. Beaches you wanted to visit
  9. Make your own jam or almond milk
  10. Bake your own loaf of bread
  11. Brew your own boutique beer
  12. Sew a patchwork quilt
  13. Golf courses you wanted to play on
  14. Live performances you have wanted to go to.
  15. Little country towns you want to explore.
  16. Make a list of the countries and continents you want to visit and all the things you want to do there.
  17. Sporting events do you want to see
  18. Walks and climbs you want to do
  19. Hotels you want to stay at
  20. Road trips you want to take
  21. Festivals you want to attend
  22. Ancient temples you want to visit
  23. Modern Wonders of the world
  24. Natural wonders of the world
  25. UNESCO world heritage sites
  26. Adventure activities
  27. Hot air balloon rides
  28. Sky diving/bungee jumping
  29. Ride in a race car
  30. Have tennis lessons or play with a professional
  31. Attend a rodeo
  32. Go to the Olympics
  33. Cities around the world
  34. Art galleries and museums to visit
  35. Donate blood
  36. Volunteer somewhere
  37. Re-kindle a friendship
  38. Visit an old aunt or relative
  39. Buy some shares and learn about the stockmarket
  40. Wineries to visit
  41. Walk in your ancestors footprints
  42. Waterfalls, rivers and lakes you want to see
  43. Animals you want to interact with
    • swim with dolphins
    • swim with wild turtles
    • ride camel or a horse
    • go whale watching
    • cage dive with crocodiles
    • go shark diving
  44. Music you want to learn or listen to.
  45. Places you want to swim, sail, ski
  46. Tropical Islands you want to visit
  47. Plane trips you want to take
  48. Design and build your own home
  49. Write a song
  50. Buy some jewellery from Tiffanies
  51. River and sea Cruises you want to take
  52. People you want to visit or travel with
  53. Skills you want to learn
  54. Join a bridge group
  55. Learn to play chess
  56. Ride in a helicopter
  57. Flight simulator experience
  58. Take a cooking class
  59. Go on a food or wine tasting tour
  60. Do a gin or rum masterclass or tour
  61. Have a glamping experience at a zoo
  62. Spend a day at a health spa
  63. Things you want to make
  64. Plants you want to grow
  65. Businesses you want to start
  66. Languages you want to learn
  67. Get a tattoo
  68. Charities you want to donate to or support
  69. Donate blood
  70. Have a high tea in an old famous hotel
  71. Cars you want to own or drive
  72. Stand up comedy or karaoke
  73. Do a chocolate walking tour
  74. Go to a country retreat
  75. Go go carting
  76. Take a quad bike tour
  77. Hire a motorbike
  78. Take a trike ride
  79. Try a different massage type
  80. Paintball or clay target shooting
  81. Meet someone famous
  82. Write a book/blog
  83. Public speaking or present something in front of a large crowd.
  84. Be on TV or interviewed on radio
  85. Visit all the theme parks in the world
  86. Walk on fire
  87. Courses you want to attend
  88. Learn how to pan for gold
  89. Try bungee jumping or abseiling
  90. Jet boat ride
  91. Hire a house boat
  92. Hire a jet ski
  93. Parasailing or white water rafting
  94. Organize a group for an escape room adventure
  95. Have a photo shoot
  96. Do an advanced driver training course
  97. Go shopping with a stylist
  98. Go to an oxygen bar
  99. Go skinny dipping
  100. Buy a bottle of Penfolds Grange or any other collectable wine


fantasy castleNow you have your list the challenge is to make things happen.  Give yourself a deadline or a date to achieve somethings on your medium and short term bucket list.  Use your diary to forward plan these things so you can cross them off your list, mark your diary with your future holidays and start planning them now, or, if you have a restaurant you want to visit, write the date you will have done this by on your bucket list and also pick a time in your diary you can do this and actually enter it in to the diary so it does happen.


Having a purpose for the future, something to look forward to, the seasons ahead, a bucket list of people, places, actions or achievements is important in any normal year, but particularly important during these times of restriction and lockdown. Including long, medium and short term items on your bucket list will help you to stage your actions. Whatever the season, have fun with your bucket list and create an amazing life that you are excited to live.

Lorene Roberts has been involved in Working at Home Businesses since her children were young and living in Regional Australia. Now living in Melbourne she operates a Business in Construction while encouraging, mentoring and coaching other women to fulfill their dreams


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