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Have you ever had a crappy week, where nothing was going to plan and things were all too hard? Everyone has these times, you are not alone, we just don’t speak about them to others as it could be seen as failure.  Well I’m going to tell you that has been my week, it’s been a really crappy week, and I would love to run away and live in a tent on the beach, that seems like the simple life, the carefree stress less life, Ok I’ve convinced myself, so lets pack up and go, I’m ready for a break. If we all have these times how come successful people just don’t get stuck and stay in their own pity pit?  Easy!!!! Read on

Pack up and Go

I am sure if I did just pack up and go that there would be other challenges and stresses that would come along too and I would still have these crappy weeks.  The weather might turn and the wind might destroy my tent, or the ants may come and take over my food containers, the people in the tent next door may constantly bicker all day and keep me awake at night making up.  The challenges would change but they would all be relevant for where I was at that particular time.

Successful people don’t Pack up and Go

They make a deliberate choice not to.  They look at what has happened, they don’t blame other people instead they take responsibility for what has happened, they say thank you for the lesson, adjust what they were doing before that wasn’t working and keep going forward, they never loose momentum, run away or give up. We have all faced major and minor setbacks before in our life and we all got through it.  If you’ve over come adversity before you can do it again.  Be confident that it is just the same, this time will just pass.

Take a little Time to Shine

Sometimes it’s necessary to take the time, sit back and physically write down exactly what we have achieved, over come and done over the years and we must acknowledge there were crappy days then too that we overcame.  Feel proud of all our successes and for all the little things we have done, which add up to make your amazing life, so celebrate them all. By allowing ourselves to shine and feeling the pride we have in our own accomplishments, we understand how life can give us challenges that we have overcome to achieve the great results we have gotten previously, it gives us the drive, power and momentum to keep going in a forward direction.  This is so important especially when you feel like throwing up your hands and say this is just too hard and want to walk away.

Look at past Success

Just to share in the last 5 years I have achieved some amazing things, when I look back I am inspired with my achievements because I know I can get through anything especially with my previous background.  I dissolved our family home of 30 years, disbanded my parents home, divorced, spent 12 months traveling around the world, studied and educated myself in personal development and business, written a book, set up a coaching mentoring business, bought and fully renovated my unit, creating a beautiful refuge just for me, I even have a pretty garden and I’ve been a very active grandmother in the lives of my grand daughters.  I have probably forgotten some other things too.

So ask for help, surround yourself with positive can-do people, dream big, set some goals, get yourself a mentor or coach who will keep you focused and accelerate your progress and keep going, never ever give up. You too can Shine through your Crappy days

– Lorene Roberts

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