Is your home office setup killing you and your business?

You have decided to work from home. Perhaps home office setup has been a bit rushed and a little make-do? Have you set up for success or is your home office set up for ill health and failure!

A laptop computer and a comfortable chair might be fine for a few days but beyond that a home-based enterprise and your health will certainly suffer. Will it be your back, your neck, your family or your concentration that fails first? You have your business plans in order. It is important to get your home office set up in order too.

….home office set up for focus, comfort and the long term

Why set up a home office?woman working in home office setup

There are many reasons to set up a home office. Perhaps you are making soft toys and shipping them your garage, caring for children while you write a best-selling novel or developing an online marketing company without the need of rental office space. Maybe your boss is happy for you work away from the office. Whatever your circumstances, setting up a work friendly space is vital.

Effects of the home office

The home office and your enterprise will be impacted by household interactions, household distractions, interruptions, the interior environment and the exterior environment. The effects on you and your business will relate to client privacy, focus, inspiration, eating habits, procrastination, genius moments, feelings of self worth and of course physical comfort. Setting up your home office must support your focus, comfort, health and wellbeing It must also be setup for the long term. A makeshift, temporary, uncomfortable home office often never gets an upgrade. It makes sense to get the new office setup right the first time.

………do it right, do it once

4 Part Checklist for Home Office Setup

  • Dedicated Quiet Private
  • Clean and Uncluttered
  • Styled to your taste
  • Physically Comfortable

… that your mind and body will enjoy

1. Dedicated, quiet and private home office

To create a dedicated, quiet and private office space that your mind and body will enjoy, you may need to be innovative. Do you have a spare room or part of a room that can be sectioned off? What about part of a verandah or al fresco room that could be closed in? Is there space in a rearranged junk room or laundry? .A dedicated working environment will help you stay focused and minimize interruptions. The greatly loved members of your household may accidentally listen to private conversations, see files, make unnecessary noise and enter work spaces. Getting everyone on board will need communication of clear boundaries, patience and practice. Interruptions will break your focus and your focus is a key ingredient in your long-term success. You may decide to invest in soundproofing your work space or a pair of noise cancelling headphones, that will help you concentrate. You could even play some alpha wave study music to help you focus! If you are unable to create a dedicated space or isolate yourself from family noise and interruption you may need to work late in the evenings or early mornings. This works for some businesses but not others.

2. Clean and uncluttered home office

Keep your décor minimal, clean and clutter free. A clear and clean working environment that is low maintenance will enable you to invest all your time and energy into your business. Cleaning your workspace and functioning in a chaotic space is time that you are stealing from your business and your family.

3. Style your home office to your taste

……use your style and taste to stay focused

What do you like to have around you that will inspire productivity? What items or style will motivate you to motor through your things-to-do list? Paint one wall red, arrange some flowers, include a feature armchair or frame your favorite inspirational quote and hang it on your wall. Write your goals on colored cardboard and place them somewhere where you can see them regularly. Use your style and your taste to help you stay focused and remember why you are doing all of this in the first place.

4. Home office setup for physical comfort

When setting up your home office, physical comfort is an important factor in promoting concentration and supporting your wellbeing. Temperature control, optimal lighting and quality ergonomic furniture are ways that you can set up an office that will bring out the best in you.

….bring out the best in yourelaxed woman in well setup home office

a. Temperature control

Shivering in the middle of winter and sweating in the summer are a distraction and discomfort in any workplace. We are already aware of an increase in extreme weather events which are affecting life globally. You will never regret investing in air conditioning installation. Get a trusted professional on board to help you with your options.


b. Light and Power

When you are starting your own business, you may romanticize the idea of flexibility and autonomy over your schedule. You may soon realize that sometimes you just need to get things done when time permits.

Natural light, streaming through a window, is nice but more commonly you will find yourself working early in the morning before the kids get up or finishing off reports late into the evening. Optimal lighting in your home office is vital. Fatigue and eye strain will not help you be your best self. Power outlets in the right spot will reduce cord clutter and device double-up. When setting up your home office, consider your ideal lighting and power needs. An electrician will be able to advise and install a lighting and power upgrade. If you don’t have the budget for this, at the very least, invest in energy efficient LED lights and a good (stylish) lamp. You will have better lighting in your home office. Changing light bulbs less often and saving on your power bill will be an added bonus.

c. Ergonomic office furniture

For the long-term comfort and health of your body, invest in high quality, ergonomically designed office furniture, specifically an office chair and a desk that are designed to support your posture and promote optimal circulation and positioning. Some people like the stand up sit down desks, while kneel chairs suit others. Another item to invest in is a keyboard that is designed for sustained use. Body posture and especially that of your wrists is essential when you have sustained hours in front of a computer.

You have practical and physical goals that you want to achieve in your business. Please remember that you need to take care of yourself along the way. Home office setup is a critical part of self care. When success comes, your mind and body needs to be in great shape so that you can sustain and enjoy it. Invest in creating a home office set up that supports you, both mentally and physically. A supportive home office environment, will help you to focus to produce great results and most importantly, enjoy the process of reaching your business goals.



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