COVID 19 – Wellness Lessons for Women

Environments and behaviours and habits affect the wellness of women. Wellness, for women, is inter-related with relationships, how we spend our money, time management, and our connection to the world. Our lives are often changing , however the change that has come with the pandemic, COVID-19,  has for many, been exceptional and for others quite confronting.

It’s been an interesting time to live in right now, isolation and social distancing has become a norm of life but altered each one of us differently.  There is not one view that is right or one that is wrong, we are all unique having our own experience.

COVID-19 experiences for families, couples and singles

For some people it has brought the family unit  closer together. Families that have been shut down together, unable to escape from one another.  Results for Some families may be happy about the bonds that have been created between parents and their children, while the siblings may feel totally differently. Working through a list of things to do in lockdown might be helpful for them.The feeling may range from sheer delight to outright anger and frustration.   What Covid-19 and forced isolation has done is make some members to interact with family members they normally wouldn’t where previously they could run away

For single people living alone the experience has been so totally different. While families have been isolating together those on their own have been totally cut off from the world and had to find different ways of having social interaction.  Couples with no children find themselves in unfamiliar territory and have had different experiences. There is no escaping when a couple has a fight, no mediator, no distraction and no one can leave to cool down.

While it might appear that we are all in this together and having the same experience in reality it has been so different for everyone.  Some of us have grown our talents and knowledge while others have shrunken away in depressive  ways. Either way,  we have all learned something and changed.

Biggest Lessons from COVID-19woman making changes due to COVID-19

Our behaviours, habits and values have changed and our values have been questioned through this time. These are some of my biggest lessons from Covid-19

Family and friends matter. (are important to us)

Close bonds with loved ones are essential at times like this, we need to be there for each other and offer the support each of us need.  Our needs are all different, some people will be craving physical needs while others require emotional support, but having someone there in our lives is so important for our wellbeing.

Sorting out finances

Sorting out our money, long term plans and having “rainy-day” funds is crucial.

So many people have been affected by job losses and cut backs that having several streams of income is essential in this day and age.  Having money for true emergencies will save our day and reduce the stress we have. Being in front of our mortgages has taken the stress off us, so if for some reason we have to miss payments we can because we already have it covered.

Setting up a budgeting app so I understand where my money flows and automating finances for the essential bills so they are paid first has been great advice which I am so grateful for implementing.  I have sorted out my will and my future is looking good, I think these crazy times have been wake up calls for may to also get things sorted and a structure in place for the future.


Our spending habits have changed.

Instead of wasting money on daily incidentals, cups of coffee, snacks and grab style meals, we now have increased utilities bills, supermarket expenses.  Where we haven’t had the need for excess clothing items for social events, we have lived in our old comfortable clothes.  Our purchases have been online instead of shopping at the local shopping centre.  We have probably shopped around more, compared prices and got better deals than we would have previously been bothered. Everything is now delivered to us.  Our local restaurants and pubs have been delivering us our meals, cokctails and beer while we spend Friday and Saturday nights in, and we are happy to support them so we know they will still be there when society re-opens.


We have learnt new skills / learning has become important?????

We have tried different things, learning skills we didn’t have the time to do previously.  I tried making sour dough bread, never again, didn’t work for me but I know I wasn’t alone in trying to bake sour dough bread it became a bit of a craze .  A friend started knitting socks, something I’ve never known people to actually do in my lifetime.  Vegetable gardens are flourishing as people flock to garden supplies to purchase their own plants so they can grow their own vegetables.  Some of us seem to be researching basic survival things and trying them out, learning the skills of our past ancestors.


Zoom and technology has become our way of life.

Technology is now our survival tool, how fast our internet connection is and how well our computers perform is the most important factor for a lot of us working from home. Zoom meetings have taken off in both how we do business and how we see people in social circumstances too.  Before Covid-19 I had never heard of the Zoom platform, now I have a subscription so I can spend time with people.  I have zoom catch ups with girlfriends regularly, work meetings through zoom and even network with groups of new people through zoom.


COVID-19 has exposed us to things we thought we would never see, so what will our life look like in the future, we don’t know, but we have all learnt so much about ourselves that we can never go back to the way we used to be, in some way we will have changed.  We have learned the importance of staying well and making the necessary changes for ourselves and our families and friends. We will probably all be more responsible, maybe in different ways, because we have had one hell of a wake up call.

Lorene Roberts has been involved in Working at Home Businesses since her children were young and living in Regional Australia. Now living in Melbourne she operates a Business in Construction while encouraging, mentoring and coaching other women to fulfill their dreams


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