Lightworkers- a calling to help

You may have heard the term Lightworker floating around in the healing space for a number of years now and wondered, what exactly is a Lightworker?  There are various definitions of what a Lightworker is depending on who you ask, but essentially a Lightworker is anyone who feels called to bring more light and love to the world and raise the vibration of the planet as a whole.

What is a Lightworker?

A Lightworker is not a title or a qualification, or an acquisition to a tool box.  A Lightworker is being who they are.  This could mean they are practitioners in the Energy Healing Space, or they could be fulfilling their mission in other areas such as being a teacher, chef, writer, singer, cleaner, mother, father or other vocation that sees them inspiring or helping others.  They understand that it doesn’t matter how big or small their actions are, just that they are doing what they can to make our planet a better place to live by raising and synchronizing its resonance and vibration.

Pink clouds and blue skies Healing conceptLightworkers follow what lights them up, and share that with the world around them.  They feel comfortable in what they do, and don’t feel the need to convince anyone of anything, they are just being themselves.  They are comfortable standing up for what is right without the need to get into an argument and have an air of peace and confidence around them.  That’s because they intrinsically understand that we are all eternally connected to the Love of the Universe and also connected to everyone and everything that resides in the Universe.

A Lightworker is aware of the spiritual implications of their actions, are conscious of their impact on the world around them and know that they are part of something bigger than them. Usually they feel a calling, an undeniable passion, to do the work they do, which may be in opposition to what their peers, convention, trends or ego tell them.

They understand how the energy and vibration of love and light works and that there are two types of energy on this planet – light and dark. Light energy is unlimited, high vibrational, expansive, and full of love. Dark energy is denser, manipulative, power hungry and fearful.  Dark energy sees us all as separate individuals, rather than the connected spiritual beings we are.

Lightworkers have a strong personal spiritual practice that would usually involve daily meditations and reflections, and continuous expansion of their awareness.

Interactions with Lightworkers

You may be interacting with Lightworkers, quite incidently, in your day to day life. In a workplace, in a supermarket or passing in a carpark,  A Lightworker that works in the Energy Healing Space with you, individually or in a small group, will have many additional tools they can call upon during a session with you.  They will work with the different energy systems they are familiar with which includes but it not limited to auras, chakras, meridians, Tibetan Figure 8 energies, and universal energies.  They may also work with the Angelic Realm, the Ascended Masters, Aliens, and other Ethereal Beings. Each Lightworker will bring their individuality to you.

Will I feel different after a Lightworker Session?

Tuning into your energy is a characteristic feature of a session with a Lightworker. This will to discern where there are imbalances, blockages or even attachments and then use the skills they have to clear these energies and bring about a more balanced energetic system, which then effects the physical body as our energy body holds the blueprint for it.  Changes made in the energy body will be more permanent then those just in the physical body. After a session most people will feel relaxed and lighter, but some may feel uneasy as they adjust to the new feeling of a balanced and lighter body.

How to Choose a Lightworker?

Although an innate quality an experienced Lightworker who has deliberately and purposefully studied will usually have a deeper, broader set of skills and knowledge. Formal studies can help a Lightworker ensure they don’t take on lower energies when working in the Energy Healing Space. This ability to not take on the lower energies is vital when working with people who seek our assistance. Another important feature of a Lightworker will be the education they have gained from life itself – some would say – the greatest teacher of all.

 Happiness starts with a smile,   Empowerment starts with a choice – Carolyn King

Rock bottom is a space of seriously low energy. Once we are aware that there is more to life than this physical existence and we make it a priority to go on this mystical journey of life, exploring and expanding our awareness, we become more consciously mindful of our actions.  This results in continual personal expansion and evolution, which in turn influences everyone around us.  As we raise our vibration through this expansion and mission as a Lightworker, we energetically assist those around us to do the same.

Carolyn King is a gifted and experienced Practitioner in the Energy Healing Space. She uses a multi-disciplinary approach to help people live a fulfilled life with real and lasting happiness. Drawing on Kinesiology, mBit, HeartMath, Reiki and Angel Intuitive studies alongside Coaching and Lightworker Master studies, Carolyn King is a sought after corporate speaker and international author. Contact Carolyn King


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